What’s New At Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion?

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What’s new at Walt Disney World? Well amongst the biggest is the New Fantasy Land located inside the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. But there are changes all over the Magic Kingdom and other theme parks located at Disney World. Let’s face it everyone wants to come to Orlando, Florida where the different Walt Disney theme parks have the most magical setting, no one can dispute that. Truly magical.

The fact remains that most people end up paying more money than they really had to spend going through agencies that offer discount Disney vacations. When in reality if you just took the initiative, you could construct your vacation, your way and save plenty of money. Regardless of whether you are flying into Orlando or driving, there are plenty of specials that are offered directly by Disney World and they are all worth. Sure going to an agency and hoping that they can give you the best deal is both easy and comfortable, but with the recession the way it is. I want to be involved on every floor of the vacation planning and save as much money as I can. In short discount Disney vacations are not all they are packaged to be.

What’s new? Well the Magic Kingdom has some really exciting changes and I recommend that everyone see them. It is truly fun for the entire family and the changes are cool. If you are a Disney fanatic like my family and I, you will just love the changes. I get the premium passes with unlimited access to everything Disney. It is most certainly worth it. If a family of 5 goes to Disney World just two times for a week a piece, you will get most of your money back in savings alone. I know I do it. I also happen to go about 1 time every month. With so many seasonal activities it is just so much fun. Wine fest at Epcot, Mickey’s Merry Christmas Party, Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party, HGTV seasonal month at Epcot, and so many, many more.

Disney World Haunted Mansion

New changes to the Haunted Mansion at Disney World in Orlando. There has been an interactive area added to the ride for the people making the line. This consist of new head busts of some of the un-dead and a few interactive walls with spooky musical hauntings. It is both fun and makes the time in the line dwindle. Disney does a magnificent job offering Florida resident specials, and for those that are not residents of Florida, you can expect a special savings as well as they offer you special Disney travel packages online.