What’s New At Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion?

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What’s new at Walt Disney World? Well amongst the biggest is the New Fantasy Land located inside the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. But there are changes all over the Magic Kingdom and other theme parks located at Disney World. Let’s face it everyone wants to come to Orlando, Florida where the different Walt Disney theme parks have the most magical setting, no one can dispute that. Truly magical.

The fact remains that most people end up paying more money than they really had to spend going through agencies that offer discount Disney vacations. When in reality if you just took the initiative, you could construct your vacation, your way and save plenty of money. Regardless of whether you are flying into Orlando or driving, there are plenty of specials that are offered directly by Disney World and they are all worth. Sure going to an agency and hoping that they can give you the best deal is both easy and comfortable, but with the recession the way it is. I want to be involved on every floor of the vacation planning and save as much money as I can. In short discount Disney vacations are not all they are packaged to be.

What’s new? Well the Magic Kingdom has some really exciting changes and I recommend that everyone see them. It is truly fun for the entire family and the changes are cool. If you are a Disney fanatic like my family and I, you will just love the changes. I get the premium passes with unlimited access to everything Disney. It is most certainly worth it. If a family of 5 goes to Disney World just two times for a week a piece, you will get most of your money back in savings alone. I know I do it. I also happen to go about 1 time every month. With so many seasonal activities it is just so much fun. Wine fest at Epcot, Mickey’s Merry Christmas Party, Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party, HGTV seasonal month at Epcot, and so many, many more.

Disney World Haunted Mansion

New changes to the Haunted Mansion at Disney World in Orlando. There has been an interactive area added to the ride for the people making the line. This consist of new head busts of some of the un-dead and a few interactive walls with spooky musical hauntings. It is both fun and makes the time in the line dwindle. Disney does a magnificent job offering Florida resident specials, and for those that are not residents of Florida, you can expect a special savings as well as they offer you special Disney travel packages online.

Find The Hidden Mickey Mouse

Finding the many hidden Mickey Mouse shapes at Walt Disney World can make the time go by rather quickly, and there are plenty of publications that help you find the hidden Mickey’s.  A craze that took off some time ago, has the designers of many of the new theme rides, and attractions throughout the many different kingdoms of Walt Disney finding a way to be creative and stump the Disney faithful.  Every time we visit we try to find new ones, and make the quest challenging for our family. There are many magical things to do at Walt Disney World, and some of the merchandise that is only available at the parks is now available online from the Disney store.  Get a close look at some of the exclusive merchandise today. Go Disney!

Some of the best hidden Mickey’s are those that are extra special and takes a creative eye to find.  I do not like to use the book, although on several trips with family members, we have even been challenged by not quickly finding these hidden Mickey Mouse ears, even though we are told where to look.  One example of this is in the Animal Kingdom where inside the amphitheater that houses the Nemo live show, there are a specific set of Mickey ears that form the head of that beloved mouse.  Once you find it, it then becomes one of those Ah..Ha moments.

Also during the Carousel of Progress ride, if you look closely during the last act, there is also a hidden Mickey Mouse Nut-cracker doll, that has sat there for years on end.  Again adding the special touch to the Walt Disney World magic.  In case you have never visited Walt Disney World, the Carousel of Progress is a ride that Walt Disney himself exhibited in the World Fair in New York City in the years 1964. Walt decided that this is a ride that will forever have a home in the Magic Kingdom, and it has not disappointed being one of the longest running shows in any theme park, or large metropolitan arts area.

If there is something new that you want to experience at Walt Disney World, get ready this year 2012 as the “New Fantasyland” gets ready to open, making some of the area that was special for the younger kids in attendance in the Magic Kingdom available again.  Goofy’s roller-coaster, the Beauty and Beast castle, which supposedly is going to have a restaurant and possibly a ride, which would be a first at Walt Disney World.  Also look for a new adventure for the Little Mermaid, something that we all can look forward to.  Remember to get the best merchandise and the only place to get official Walt Disney World merchandise, that makes it feel like you are right there at the parks. Go Disney.

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The Walt Disney World Fast Pass – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

What is the Disney World fast pass?  Well if you are new to Walt Disney World or it has been years since your last visit, then there is something new for you at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Fast Pass is a pass for your favorite Disney rides, that allows you to skip the huge lines that some of your favorite rides like Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Space Mountain in addition to many other rides can have.  In some cases some of these wait times can exceed 90 minutes, and in fact during the Summer months most of the time, they do.

But this system of speeding up the lines for the people that actually have the heart and courage to ride is not only good for the rides in the Magic Kingdom.  They also have the same system in Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom.  The system is fairly easy, and here is how it works.  You take the ticket that you used to enter the theme park, and go to the Fast Pass booth.  Most of these are usually right near the entrance lines for most of the attraction rides.  There you will find a booth and several of them, that you can insert your valid Walt Disney World ticket into, the booth then returns your original ticket and issues you a Fast Pass ticket with a return time to enjoy your ride without the long wait lines.

The Disney World Fast Pass will have a return time that usually gives you a one hour delay that will allow you enjoy one of the many attractions that each of these parks offer, without having to make the long line of one of the more popular rides.  As I have been able to do, most of the times if there are long lines, you can seek a Walt Disney World employee and on occasion they will have plenty of these Fast Pass tickets available to assist you especially if your party is very large.  This helps them to avoid these long wait lines at the booths, and keeps people moving within the theme park.  Try these fast passes the next time you visit the Magic Kingdom or any of your favorite theme parks at Walt Disney World or Disneyland.