Walt Disney World Tips

So you are planning a Walt Disney World trip this Summer? Well you do not want to go anywhere near Walt Disney World without these fun tips. Disney World is the funnest place on Earth for kids and adults alike. Thrills, adventures, and whole sum fun for the entire family.

Well first off, I am an 18 years veteran of the Disney World trips and family marches, yes I have survived at least 70 trips in all. For one I reside in Florida so it is not that big of a vaunt, truly. In all my trips the best tip that I can offer anyone is this, do the Magic Kingdom park counter-clockwise. Most people have a tendency to steer to the left and you most certainly want to go right, right into Tomorrow land.

At Tomorrow land you will experience the Monsters Inc. Laugh off, the Buzz Lightyear toy ride, and of course the main reason anyone enters Tomorrow land, Space Mountain. The other Walt Disney World areas of Frontier land, Adventure land, Fantasy land, Main Street, and Liberty square and Toon Town. Another thought might be to quickly jump on the Main street train and get off in Toon Town. This is good if you are traveling with small children, and want to get some great pictures with the likes of Pooh, Tigger, and Cinderella and of course Mickey Mouse and Minnie. They all reside in the great merchandise tent, pictures for everyone equals smiles for everyone. Don’t miss the Goofy fun roller-coaster at Toon Town.

The Walt Disney World Characters!

So you want to get a breakfast in with the Disney characters? Don’t make long waits at the Walt Disney World resort, the Contemporary. There is a little known secret inside the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotels. Character breakfast without the wait and those long incredible lines. You do not have to stay at any of these two hotels to make reservations to eat there, all you have to do is call ahead of time and make reservations, you can tell them that you want check out the hotel for a future reservation. Character at the Swan include Tigger, Pooh, Goofy, Chip and Dale and others.

The best part of staying at a Walt Disney World resort for me, is the fine bus service that is provided to you as a guest at the Disney World resorts. The buses run every 5 minutes during the day and night, and they run until the parks close, all of them. The relief is not only in the fuel department for your vehicle, but also the parking fee and the lines to catch the monorail or motor-coach. Saves time, money and that is something that everyone wants to save. Why not try to obtain a gift card for your next Disney trip right now? In the process share a story of your latest trip to the Disney.


Walt Disney World’s – It All Started With A Mouse!

I just concluded one of the best trips to Walt Disney World that my family has ever shared.  A (1) one week stay at the Boardwalk Inn one of my favorite of all the Walt Disney World resorts. Disney’s Boardwalk Inn is within walking distance to the Epcot Center, and there is also a ferry boat called the “Friendship” that can take you to Disney’s Epcot Center or Hollywood Studios.

There’s most certainly a wonderful memory waiting for your family at a price that’s right for you, entertainment like you have never shared.  In addition to the Ferry, you can also use their Bus transportation to get anywhere else in Walt Disney’s Magical Kingdom, from the Magic Kingdom itself, to Downtown Disney, to Animal Kingdom and on and on. With over 20 Resort hotels, a variety of themes and room types, and multiple ticket options for everyone from the Florida Resident to the world traveler, there is no reason not to come and enjoy Walt Disney World.

With Walt Disney World you can also enjoy the Disney dining plans. If you work your way around the meals at the park, and make a few reservations here and there you can really experience some fantastic meals at their finest restaurants.  So what will your memory be? If you want to plan your trip today you can check out (3) three vacation options below, or simply visit the Walt Disney World Vacation guide and you can customize your very own trip that will fit your family and your budget, I can tell you that I went prepared and saved plenty of the money that I had earmarked (no pun intended Mickey) for the trip.

Walt Disney World offers flexibility in their lodging, and they offer three different types of priced resorts, but I can tell you that having tried them all, you cannot go wrong with either one.  The rooms for the most part will be used for sleeping and resting, and they all serve that purpose incredibly well, the other amenities get better with each level of resort.  Listed below the three types of lodging and a few restaurants that you can expect to get.

  1. Deluxe: Boardwalk, Contemporary, Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Yacht Club
  2. Moderate: Riverside, Port Orleans, Saratoga Springs. Caribbean Beach Resort
  3. All-Star Sports, All Star Music, Pop Century

Book your stay online now, or call (407) 939-7905 or call your local travel Agent today. Book now and make your Disney World memories without further delay. This is truly a vacation that your family will never forget…

The Magic Kingdom Theme Park Tickets…The Happiest Celebration On Earth!

Welcome to the #1 site for the latest lessons learned at the Magic Kingdom.  Also I might add that this site will specialize in Florida Resident specials throughout the year as they are made available to us.  I myself am a Florida Resident and I have always taken advantage of cheap Disney World tickets every chance I get.

Whether you are a Florida Resident or not, Walt Disney World is the most fabulous place in the world for both kids and adults alike.  Right now through the beginning of September 2011 the latest Disney World savings are made for the Residents of Florida.  But that does not mean that people from all over the world cannot take advantage of the current deals that Walt Disney World and Disneyland are now providing all of us that want fun, adventure, and an incredible Summer vacation.

More recently I am off on my 36th Walt Disney World trip dating back to August of 1993, my wedding honeymoon.  That was a glorious stay at Walt Disney World’s Gran Floridian.  It was only two-thirds of the way completed back in 1993, and we got an incredible deal back then of only $190.00 a night.  Now Florida Resident of not, you can forget about trying to pay anything that low for this Walt Disney World upscale resort.  This Walt Disney World resort has been the back drop setting for many fairy tale weddings, not mine though, but that is totally OK, I was able to experience it on the honeymoon level, and it was fantastic.  We were treated like royalty all the way through, can’t beat that anywhere else in the Kissimmee, Florida area for sure. Go and try and then try the Walt Disney World resorts, you will see and experience the difference.

Write me back and tell me of your vacation, give me the pros and cons, I can hardly wait to hear how your trip went.  Remember that if you are not a Florida Resident, you can still take advantage of the Walt Disney World your way tickets, these tickets are as flexible as Mickey Mouse is with Goofy, try them on your next trip to the Magic Kingdom, the most happiest celebration on Earth!