Florida Residents Special – Visit Animal Kingdom

Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom – Is It Worth Going?

Have you visited Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom? Well, If you want to have a great day out for all of the family visit Orlando, Florida. Then visit Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom and you might just fit the bill of having the most fun you have had in quite some time. Inside this theme park you will discover wildlife from all around the globe, while at the same time, still having all of the amusement park attractions you would expect from a place like Walt Disney World.

In fact, there are actually nearly 300 species of animals in the Animal Kingdom, which means there is plenty to see and do, in addition to these following attractions. So boredom is NOT an option.

  • Finding Nemo (The Musical)
  • Mount Everest (Terror on the rail)
  • Safari ride
  • Kawabunga (Water ride)
  • Dino-land (complete with multiple attractions)

Here is a breakdown of the rides mentioned above. Just a review of some of the attractions at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom? Let’s take a look…

Expedition Everest

When you want to be thrilled, and even a little bit scared, Expedition Everest is the main ride to to experience in the Animal Kingdom theme park. Quite simply, this is a roller coaster that will take you high up to the Himalayas, both forwards and backwards, before coming face to face with creatures such as a yeti and the abominable snowman.

This is a great ride for all the family, and it’s very common for kids to want to go on again and again, don’t forget to try the new and improved Fastpass option. If you want to avoid the long lines and wait times that often form at the Expedition Everest ride, then it’s a good idea to use the Fastpass, so you are not waiting for 90 minutes for a ride.

Kilimanjaro Safari

Maybe you have always dreamed about going on a Safari but don’t have the funds to travel all the way to Africa? Well, thanks to Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World you don’t need to, you can take the Kilimanjaro Safari at the theme park, great fun adventure.

In a nutshell, you will be riding in a jeep and coming across many animals in their natural habitat. Don’t worry, this is completely safe, as the jeep will never go too far towards animals that could potentially hurt you and your family. Besides the ride is something that the animals are already used to. At the end of the day, the last thing you want is having the highlight of your vacation trying to fight off a hungry lion! But don’t worry…it won’t happen.

Dinosaur ride

Another popular attraction in the Animal Kingdom is the Dinosaur ride, and this is the perfect place to be if you have an interest in history. So what exactly is it? Well, once you are strapped in, expect to be taken on a fascinating ride through the Crustaceans era, where dinosaurs still ruled the earth and everybody else lived in fear. While this ride is mostly suitable for everybody, younger children might find it a bit too much as it does get scary and dark in some places.

Festival of the Lion King

Who doesn’t love the movie The Lion King? Thankfully, Disney have decided to include a show based on the popular movie, and it features a wide variety of acts and performances. This really is a great show for all the family, as it only lasts 30 minutes and the songs are great for singing along to. This is one of my favorites of all time, the show is absolutely wonderful. In addition, they select a few from the audience to par-take in the fun, and watching your kids dance away to songs from the Lion King, will be the highlight of your stay at Walt Disney World.

All in all, Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is a place not to be missed the next time you visit Orlando. If you are Florida Resident, there is not cheaper time to visit the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, than right now. With so many perks being offered to Florida residents, this is the time to make your next Disney memories right now!