The Epcot Flower And Garden Festival

With the latest deal from Walt Disney World and the tickets for special guest and the Florida resident program, there is no reason at all that you should not be headed to Orlando Florida for that special visit to the Epcot Flower and Garden festival sponsored by the HGTV network. I just returned from there and it was truly magical. I will be trying to post some of the pictures from Epcot just in case you cannot make this year.

Each country is represented with some of the finest Disney characters in rare shrubs and greens form. Germany boost the Snow White and the seven dwarfs creations, something really special to behold.  France has Beauty and Beast, and Luminere as well as Chip and Ms. Potts. The United States has some of my favorites, Buzz Light Year, Woody, and Lotso the huggin bear villain. Lotso has some incredible colors and brilliant red and yellows, and is set up in his very own special garden.

Besides some of the most incredible rides like Soarin, and Mission Space and of course Test Track, Epcot has long been one of my favorite Walt Disney World theme parks. Each time I go, it grows more and more on me. Kid’s do not get left behind in this park either. The special 3-D effect show of Michael Jackson’s Captain E-O, a short spectacular film directed by the Godfather of space movies, George Lucas. The Nemo ride, along with the Figment ride, offer the little ones some enjoyment.

Some of the countries represented by the magic of the HGTV special are Japan, Norwiege, and Canada, as well as England and others. Special artwork includes the Cinderella and Prince Charming, as well as Sleeping Beauty and her beau.  Look also for Car’s Lightning McQueen, and Toma-tor just to name a few of these masterpiece decorations. OK, so you can’t make it out there for this years EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival, this should not stop you from getting your hands on official Walt Disney World merchandise, let’s face it there is nothing like Official Walt Disney World merchandise, and now with a click of the mouse you can purchase your very own! Get Disney stuff here!

The Walt Disney World Fast Pass – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

What is the Disney World fast pass?  Well if you are new to Walt Disney World or it has been years since your last visit, then there is something new for you at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Fast Pass is a pass for your favorite Disney rides, that allows you to skip the huge lines that some of your favorite rides like Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Space Mountain in addition to many other rides can have.  In some cases some of these wait times can exceed 90 minutes, and in fact during the Summer months most of the time, they do.

But this system of speeding up the lines for the people that actually have the heart and courage to ride is not only good for the rides in the Magic Kingdom.  They also have the same system in Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom.  The system is fairly easy, and here is how it works.  You take the ticket that you used to enter the theme park, and go to the Fast Pass booth.  Most of these are usually right near the entrance lines for most of the attraction rides.  There you will find a booth and several of them, that you can insert your valid Walt Disney World ticket into, the booth then returns your original ticket and issues you a Fast Pass ticket with a return time to enjoy your ride without the long wait lines.

The Disney World Fast Pass will have a return time that usually gives you a one hour delay that will allow you enjoy one of the many attractions that each of these parks offer, without having to make the long line of one of the more popular rides.  As I have been able to do, most of the times if there are long lines, you can seek a Walt Disney World employee and on occasion they will have plenty of these Fast Pass tickets available to assist you especially if your party is very large.  This helps them to avoid these long wait lines at the booths, and keeps people moving within the theme park.  Try these fast passes the next time you visit the Magic Kingdom or any of your favorite theme parks at Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

Why Disney? The Magic Kingdom

When was the last time you felt the pure excitement that you feel at the Magic Kingdom in Kissimmee, Florida?  When picking a place to get away for vacation, why Disney?  This is the time to get away and take advantage of the Walt Disney World vacation specials, especially if you are a Florida or California Resident. Being a resident in Florida has really opened up the savings for my family and I, and all of the sudden Disney World has become a vacation paradise in our own back yard.

Right now is the time to book your magical vacation, the specials for Florida Residents include specials on hotel booking, dining arrangements and of course tickets for all of the wonderful magical attractions. Currently Florida Residents can enjoy the Disney Water Parks after 2 p.m. for just $60 plus tax, the one thing to remember here is that Florida is notorious for afternoon thunder showers and lightning storms, but all in all if you watch your local weather reports, this is an amazing bargain.

Also new this year, you can ride NASCAR-style cars at their special SPEEDWAY for just $49 plus tax. Florida Residents, can stay in the middle of the summer and save magical dollars that you can budget into the rest of the vacation trip and more importantly save tons of money! Some of the specials include up to to 35% at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels for stays on most of the nights from now until August 14 2011. In addition to these special offers, there are also many different weekend getaway savings that are currently being offered too.

More recently, Walt Disney World has released a special for Florida Residents that include a four-day getaway pass to four theme parks of your choice for an amazing low price of just $119.00.  Florida Residents can enjoy 4 days of excitement, discovery and fun in all four  theme parks for just $119, plus tax with the Wild for Disney Pass.  This includes the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and of course Epcot.

That’s one Park per Day for less than $30 per day, plus tax. Purchase the 4-Day “Wild 4 Disney Pass” from January 2, 2011 – May 22, 2011. There is a one week block out for usage April 17, 2011 – April 24, 2011 and the ticket expires May 26, 2011.  With this plan all Florida Residents can also add the Park Hopper Option and the Water Park Fun to add even more flexibility, than ever before.  So what are you waiting for?