Are You A Florida Resident? If So Visit Walt Disney World Today!

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Walt Disney World, the most magical place on earth! Probably the only attraction left in the U.S. where you can sit there and literally count your cash without any worries of being robbed, clubbed or mugged. A true magical experience… Disney’s the Magic Kingdom is now offering a special to Florida Residents. This 2-day pass is being sold for only $99.00 and is good until May of 2009. The only black-out dates are on the first week of April, which is typically considered spring break in the public school system throughout Florida.

The 2-day Pass is good for all 4 theme parks inside Walt Disney World. You can choose to visit any two parks or the same park twice, it is up to you. Disney only allows entry to one park daily. But you can mix and match your favorites. The Magic Kingdom and Hollywood studios, which was recently renamed, you might remember the theme park was once called “MGM Studios”. The Magic Kingdom is still the best for small children, even though some rides will be off limits for kids measuring under 40 inches. Disney’s Toon Town, Fantasy Land, Frontier Land, and Tomorrow land offers plenty of action for the smaller kids.

Tomorrow Land Special Features And Rides

Disney’s Tomorrow land features the very popular Buzz Light year from space command ride. On this ride you and Buzz Light Year are off to defeat the Emperor Zurg and anything else that stands in your way. The ride keeps electronic score of your shooting expertise and with two guns per seating arrangement, the competition is on. The middle console gets to steer the space pod every which way left, right, and round and round. Buzz Light Year is plenty of fun for everyone. Take advantage of this special offer from the Disney’s Magic Kingdom located in Kissimmee Florida, made possible to Florida Residents by Walt Disney World. Come and explore the many different Disney World secrets…


Walt Disney World Tips

So you are planning a Walt Disney World trip this Summer? Well you do not want to go anywhere near Walt Disney World without these fun tips. Disney World is the funnest place on Earth for kids and adults alike. Thrills, adventures, and whole sum fun for the entire family.

Well first off, I am an 18 years veteran of the Disney World trips and family marches, yes I have survived at least 70 trips in all. For one I reside in Florida so it is not that big of a vaunt, truly. In all my trips the best tip that I can offer anyone is this, do the Magic Kingdom park counter-clockwise. Most people have a tendency to steer to the left and you most certainly want to go right, right into Tomorrow land.

At Tomorrow land you will experience the Monsters Inc. Laugh off, the Buzz Lightyear toy ride, and of course the main reason anyone enters Tomorrow land, Space Mountain. The other Walt Disney World areas of Frontier land, Adventure land, Fantasy land, Main Street, and Liberty square and Toon Town. Another thought might be to quickly jump on the Main street train and get off in Toon Town. This is good if you are traveling with small children, and want to get some great pictures with the likes of Pooh, Tigger, and Cinderella and of course Mickey Mouse and Minnie. They all reside in the great merchandise tent, pictures for everyone equals smiles for everyone. Don’t miss the Goofy fun roller-coaster at Toon Town.

The Walt Disney World Characters!

So you want to get a breakfast in with the Disney characters? Don’t make long waits at the Walt Disney World resort, the Contemporary. There is a little known secret inside the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotels. Character breakfast without the wait and those long incredible lines. You do not have to stay at any of these two hotels to make reservations to eat there, all you have to do is call ahead of time and make reservations, you can tell them that you want check out the hotel for a future reservation. Character at the Swan include Tigger, Pooh, Goofy, Chip and Dale and others.

The best part of staying at a Walt Disney World resort for me, is the fine bus service that is provided to you as a guest at the Disney World resorts. The buses run every 5 minutes during the day and night, and they run until the parks close, all of them. The relief is not only in the fuel department for your vehicle, but also the parking fee and the lines to catch the monorail or motor-coach. Saves time, money and that is something that everyone wants to save. Why not try to obtain a gift card for your next Disney trip right now? In the process share a story of your latest trip to the Disney.