What’s New At Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion?

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What’s new at Walt Disney World? Well amongst the biggest is the New Fantasy Land located inside the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. But there are changes all over the Magic Kingdom and other theme parks located at Disney World. Let’s face it everyone wants to come to Orlando, Florida where the different Walt Disney theme parks have the most magical setting, no one can dispute that. Truly magical.

The fact remains that most people end up paying more money than they really had to spend going through agencies that offer discount Disney vacations. When in reality if you just took the initiative, you could construct your vacation, your way and save plenty of money. Regardless of whether you are flying into Orlando or driving, there are plenty of specials that are offered directly by Disney World and they are all worth. Sure going to an agency and hoping that they can give you the best deal is both easy and comfortable, but with the recession the way it is. I want to be involved on every floor of the vacation planning and save as much money as I can. In short discount Disney vacations are not all they are packaged to be.

What’s new? Well the Magic Kingdom has some really exciting changes and I recommend that everyone see them. It is truly fun for the entire family and the changes are cool. If you are a Disney fanatic like my family and I, you will just love the changes. I get the premium passes with unlimited access to everything Disney. It is most certainly worth it. If a family of 5 goes to Disney World just two times for a week a piece, you will get most of your money back in savings alone. I know I do it. I also happen to go about 1 time every month. With so many seasonal activities it is just so much fun. Wine fest at Epcot, Mickey’s Merry Christmas Party, Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party, HGTV seasonal month at Epcot, and so many, many more.

Disney World Haunted Mansion

New changes to the Haunted Mansion at Disney World in Orlando. There has been an interactive area added to the ride for the people making the line. This consist of new head busts of some of the un-dead and a few interactive walls with spooky musical hauntings. It is both fun and makes the time in the line dwindle. Disney does a magnificent job offering Florida resident specials, and for those that are not residents of Florida, you can expect a special savings as well as they offer you special Disney travel packages online.

Florida Residents Save Money At Walt Disney World

Disney-how-to-bookMickey Mouse Rules!!!

Did you know that Florida Residents can save up to 40% at select Walt Disney World resorts throughout most of the Summer? Yes its true. I am going off to my fourth trip this year and for the most part I try to catch these specials as a Florida Resident. The kids love Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and the savings are really enough to offset the negative, which is obviously the long lines and heat! The rest of the country is experiencing a rough heat wave, but we here in Florida are pretty much saved for the most part with normal days in the 90’s. Plus you can always count on a shower here and there to cool off somewhat. Check out what’s new at the Disney Store today!

The reality is that you can make an incredible vacation out of just lounging around your favorite Walt Disney resort. I have done that exact same thing so many times in the past. What we do is we take advantage of the all the perks that Walt Disney offers Florida Residents. For one you can use the extra magic hours to your advantage, the parks remain open for guests staying on resort grounds. What we usually do is we head to the park after hours, or at least when the sun starts to set, which is around 8:00 p.m. right about now. The parks are open each night on a rotation basis until an extra magic hour determined by Walt Disney, although usually the latest closing goes to the Magic Kingdom, I have been there as late as 3:00 a.m.

Walt Disney World’s Fast Pass

Some rides you just can’t catch a break on though, for instance, the Toy Story Mania ride in Hollywood Studios is always in demand, and try making a 90 minute line at midnight. Ouch! But all in all the kids which are getting up there in age already are troopers and with a mid-day nap, they can handle it. So for the most part its fun in the sun, at the pool at your Walt Disney World resort (my favorite are the Cabins @ Fort Wilderness) and then maybe some Downtown Disney shopping, and back to the resort for some R&R and then off to the Disney theme park offering the extra magic hours. Great fun for everyone. If you have to make that special Disney gift and you will not be going this year to Disney World or Disneyland, don’t fret. Here is the quickest way to get your official Walt Disney World merchandise. Free Shipping too…

Walt Disney World’s Muppets In 3-D

One of the true wonders of life is the interaction between Jim Henson’s Muppets and children over the last 40 years or so.

Walt Disney World and Hollywood Studios had decided many years ago to bring that magic to life with Muppet vision in 3-D. Sesame Street paved the way, and for many, many years the Muppets have been one of the must do movies in 3-D of all the shows at Walt Disney World.

A fun entertaining three dimensional movie, with special effects, and a fantastic interactive show, one that is sure to be a hit with the entire family.  Not to mention that this will get you off your feet and out of the heat if you are visiting Hollywood Studios during the Summer months.

Most certainly this is one of the items to put on your do list when visiting the Magical Kingdom of Disney. Hollywood Studios is more of a laid back theme park, with many of the rides coming in the sit back and observe mode. Of course no theme park would be complete without a few rides for the thrill seekers, and this park has those too.  Aerosmith’s Rock and Roller coaster, and the Tower of Terror will not disappoint those of you that want to have your lunch re-visit the upper throat area. I will take the slow rides any day. The shows too for that matter.

The Muppets in 3-D have all of your favorite characters to include; Kermit the frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Beeker, Dr. Bunsen “Melon” Honeydew, Gonzo the great, Animal, Sam the Eagle, Rizzo the rat (who poses as Mickey Mouse) and more.  These Muppets which were created by Jim Hensen in the 1954-1955 years were purchased by Walt Disney World in 2004 after several previous unsuccessful attempts to purchased the rights to these Muppets. But now like the Mighty Marvel Comics group, they belong to Walt Disney World enterprises.

In one of their latest tributes on the big screen, a movie written by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller and directed by James Bobin was released on November 23, 2011, and had much critical acclaim and commercial success. The previous Muppet Special during the holidays was released in the year 2004.  Make this a must stop on your next Walt Disney World visit, as it is sure to be fun for your whole family.