Disneyland Specials

Some Disneyland Specials For 2014

Are you looking for Disneyland specials? If so then you are definitely in the right place, as we have researched all of the best and most popular special offers that are consistently available for Disneyland in California. Let’s face it, visiting this popular theme park is not cheap, especially if you are going with the whole family, which means it’s nice to get a little bit of help financially on specials and savings, especially in this poor economy. Taking a family trip is not something that everyone can do, but with the right information, and specials it is possible to do this on a budget. Read on….

Here is just a few Disneyland specials:

20% off hotel rooms by using Priceline.com

Why stay at another hotel when you can book a room right on the Disneyland site, this can be done easily right through Priceline.com and get a nice discount on the savings. This ensures that you can be first in the line in the morning and the last one out of the gate at night, and if traveling with little kids, this is a huge plus. Luckily, Disneyland likes to offer discounts on their hotel rooms as those Walt Disney World, with many different specials and savings throughout the year, with the current special being offered at 20% off selected rooms. Needless to say, this represents huge savings, and will give you more spending money to enjoy the theme park and make the trip as a whole more affordable.

South California Resident Ticket

Another Disneyland special that has been getting a lot of attention is the So Cal resident ticket. Basically, this is a discounted offer for people that live in Southern California, and if this includes you, then expect to achieve significant savings over just about everybody else, see being a resident can have its advantages and savings.

All you will need to show is your California ID to get access to a range of wonderful deals. Just make sure that you keep it a secret, as people from other States and countries probably wouldn’t be too happy to find out that you have been granted access to Disneyland for a fraction of the price, actually Florida also has this for their Residents.

Special offers for the Military

If you serve in the United States Army, Navy, or Air Force, then Disneyland would like to welcome you to their theme park to say thank you for protecting the nation and for your sacrifice!

Not only that, but they are prepared to give you special pricing for being a member of the military, so you can enjoy a family day out even when you are on a limited budget. Also, this special offer applies to people who are in the Reserve and people who are retired from the military.

Buy Disneyland tickets online

Did you know that buying Disneyland tickets online can give you saving of up to $20 per ticket as opposed to buying at the ticket booth? This is definitely not chump change, especially if purchasing for a large family so if you need multiple tickets for your family and friends then this could easily save you hundreds of dollars.

There is also a few Disneyland coupons that can be used online, meaning that you are able to save even more money when purchasing over the internet.

Don’t worry, using the Disneyland official website to enter your credit card details is safe and secure. However, be very careful of people offering second hand Disneyland tickets on sites such as Ebay and Craigslist, as Disney rules state that this is strictly forbidden and against their policy. Make no mistake about it, Disneyland specials are constantly being offered by this popular theme park, and if you want to get in on the action then you should buy a ticket now.

Walt Disney World Florida Resident Specials

Why Disney for Florida residents?  Well, have you seen the Walt Disney World Florida resident specials that are available to you this year? Without question, Walt Disney World theme parks are the most magical of places on earth! This is probably the only attraction left in the U.S. where you can sit there and count your cash without any worries of being robbed, clubbed or mugged.  A true magical experience… A fantastic family vacation, and one that will have you making memories that will last a lifetime.

Disney’s the Magical Kingdom is offering a special for Florida Residents a 3-day pass for only $142.00, price is  good until December of 2010.  No black out dates apply, but the tickets have to be used within a 180 day period from the date of purchase.  That is why Disney, is one of the leaders in good old fashion family fun.  Where else can you enjoy three days at a theme park for that price.  Kids under the age of 9, pay only $121.00!  In addition, on my most recent trip, we added the water parks for just $20.00 per ticket.  This feature allowed you to enjoy Typhoon Lagoon, or Disney’s Blizzard Beach for 1 day each, or mix and match the water parks as you wish.

These tickets only allow entry to the same park daily, but for more money you can add the park hopper, but for this price, no hopping.  Mix and match my favorites, especially with small children in your group.  The Magic Kingdom and Hollywood studios, which was recently renamed, formerly MGM studios, seem to have the most for small children.  Even though the Magic Kingdom is the best for small children, there are some rides that will be off limits for kids measuring under 40″, but with Toon-Town, Fantasy-land, Frontier-land, and Tomorrow-land there is plenty of action for the smaller kids.  One of the favorites is most certainly the Buzz Lightyear toy ride, you may want to get the fast pass for this one, in the Summer ride lines can reach 90 minutes, ouch!

Disney’s Tommorrow-land features the very popular Buzz Lightyear from space command ride, in which you and Buzz are off to defeat the Emperor Zurg and anything else that stands in your way. The ride keeps an electronic score of your shooting expertise and with two guns per seating arrangment, the competition is on.  The middle console gets to steer in everyway left, right and round and round.  Loads of fun for everyone.  Take advantage of this special offer made possible by the Walt Disney World if you are a Florida resident, and take off for family wholesome fun, like no other.

The Disneyworld Cruiselines

Having taken many, many, Disneyworld vacations, and wanting more Disney, I was left with the last alternative to Walt Disney World.  A Disneyworld Cruise. For kids from tiny babies up to teenagers, the Disney Cruise holds an appeal that is extra ordinary. While the Cruise is great for the kids, I am here to tell you that you parents will have a great time too. While many adults would prefer to go on a relaxing cruise vacation, this Cruise has so many activities for the kids, that I got as much rest as I have ever had on a cruise.

Lets face it, Disney is a clever company and they have managed to provide both parents and children with a vacation or holiday cruise of their dreams.  The Disneyworld cruise combines the magical world of Disney characters with a luxurious vacation cruise. Their  cruise offers families the best of both worlds and ensure that all of the members of the family have a cruise they never will forget.  This vacation offers different breaks from 3 to 7 nights in duration, and they travel to one of their landing spots or stops called Castaway Cay, regardless of the stay you choose, Castaway Cay is on the menu, and so are the Lobster burgers.

I took the shorter 4 night cruise, which takes in the Bahamas and call into port at Nassau and Disney’s own private island, Castaway Cay.  I was left wanting for more, and so were my kids.  Disney offers a whole host of activities available for all the whole family.  Activity groups are provided for children all the way through the teenager years, and these groups are divided into ages so that you can be sure the activities will entertain your child, whatever their age and keep him or her in their respective groups.

These Disneyworld cruises even offer their own club for adults, which will allow you to spend some quality time away from the children while remaining confident in knowing that they are being cared for by their fully qualified staff.  Activities available just for the adults include a spa and salon, nightclub and adult-only restaurant, and also a Bingo game. Their  Live entertainment is provided daily, beginning with a Welcome Aboard show and ending your cruise with a Magical Farewell.  All shows are Broadway quality shows and touched us in so many ways.

Now the Disneyworld Cruise would not have the Disney touch without its characters, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck, and the rest of the gang as they are all on board, get your cameras ready, around every corner lies a photo op. Disney offers an exciting variety of menus and world cuisine on their cruises.  This gives everyone a real opportunity to try something new and the exceptional chefs on board will ensure that it is all prepared to the highest standard and your liking.  Which of course will be!  With so many adventures, the days are sure to pass quickly and before you know it, the day is done and so is the cruise.

I must say that the Disney touch with the cruise, was just what we my family needed.  Take one now and I guarantee it will be your vacation of a lifetime, and a trip that your family will treasure for a lifetime.